Guys & Girls with the most confidence, may be the ones with the most insecure.

Sure, they look like everything is just peachy and living life to the fullest. Other envy at how happy they can be. Just smiling and laughing, cracking up jokes, being the life of the party. Looking like they put no effort into being so energetic or being so cool. They may be the popular one in school or gets along with everybody but, do you know they only act like that so others won’t find out. They don’t want to bother people with their problems. They have to hide their tears and pain through jokes and fake smiles. Scared nobody will care or think of them like trash once they vent on what’s bothering them. Not knowing who to trust. Being hurt over and over again. The one played or playing others. Worrying about what others see them. They just stay quiet while their insecurities eat them away inside. They will just say,” Oh that’s cool.” “I’m fine.” ” It’s all good.” “Don’t mind me.” “Nothings wrong” Ask them what’s wrong. Don’t believe them with their laugh or fake smiles. Look into their eyes and say," Don’t lie to me. There is definitely something wrong. Don’t bottle it up inside. I’m here and you can vent whatever is bothering you."

(Source: ohmai-gosh)

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