OMG! FUCK! I hate being in these fucking situations!

T.T I’m not trying to lead up but I’m straight up! Or i’m like friends! I don’t desert them and keep my promise! But they still grow attach and keep coming back or another one comes and tries to be slick and ask for “help” on another girl that’s like me. Boy who you trying to fool. Even if i’m tired, and hella sleepy i still see you! but I shall play along and help and see what I think. Hopefully he gets the message but if not I will be straightforward. But crap. Another and another or some coming back. I don’t want to loose them as friends but this is getting hard especially when my feelings for one or maybe two other guys are not 100% gone but rather confused and not ready or whatever. Poop. I was just trying to work on an essay yo! Well, I shall figure things out. Another boy, I have doubts and regrets seeing if I made the right choice but ehh. Like I said. I SHALL FIGURE THINGS OUT! I don’t try to have these things happen to me they jsut happen unexpectingly or I don’t see it as much of a big deal. Poopie. My brain and my heart is gonna die soon. I don’t like heartbreak in other people and try my best to make everybody ¬†alright but my heart gets more sad D: ugh There will be a day where I can’t handle it anymore and give up sniz. But that will rarely come.

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